Helicopter Booking Terms & Conditions

Term and condition play a major role in any service whether it is online or offline, term and condition are used in both situations. The terms and conditions ensure that if you are using any service, then what are the things that you have to take care of during it so that you do not face any kind of problems. In Helicopter Booking Service, the terms and conditions are used when a customer needs to cancel his ticket or change the booking date. Along with all this information, we are listing many more information below which you must see once. Helicopter booking terms and conditions are listed below so you can see them understand the booking process, complaint process as well as cancellation process.

Terms & Conditions

  • Helicopter booking services now open after COVID-19
  • Helicopter booking charges may vary due to services and places
  • Wedding helicopter booking is also open
  • We have lots of helicopters services here
  • All booking details send via mail and WhatsApp
  • You must register a valid mobile number
  • You must enter valid email-id
  • The customer needs to verify their booking via phone call
  • The payment is required before booking confirmation
  • Only online payments are acceptable
  • Cancellation service is chargeable
  • No charge for changing the booking date once
  • Wedding service and Events service helicopter booking require 50% payment in advance
  • Flowers Dropping, Film Shooting, and Air Ambulance services require more than 50% payment in advance
  • Election Campaign, Organ Transport, and Aerial Survey services also require 50% payment in advance
  • Need an identity proof of every single booking name
  • Documents can be sent via mail or WhatsApp
  • Food and WiFi facilities include in our service
  • The passengers must come before 30 minutes of departure
  • The departure location will be confirmed after payment
  • You should read the Privacy Policy of the website
  • We are only website for helicopter booking service