Privacy Policy For Helicopter Ride

Privacy Policy is the place where all the websites information about their working style and future updates. It is also important in the sense that when a new user enters a website and he wants to take any action on that website, then those people should know what kind of information that website stores and you should know about it. What kind of privacy does it provide? Almost all this information will be present on this page, which you must read once and only then consider performing any action. It is better to explain all points section-wise, so let's read all the privacy policies of helicopter booking below.

#1. Privacy Policy Changes:

We strongly recommend to all that they always keep updating themself from our Privacy Policy because the company may update its Privacy Policy from time to time due to changes in price and plans. Therefore it is your responsibility to always be up to date with our Privacy Policy. Otherwise, the company does not take any responsibility for this. It may help you a lot to understand all things carefully. Your continued use of this site after any change in this Privacy Policy will constitute your acceptance of such change.

#2. Website Visitors:

The company will save general information about the users who visit its website the first time. We do not store any passwords or critical information because we maintain cyber cell security. You should not take hesitate about this topic because your all information is safe and secure with us. We do not sell any personal details to third-party, so you can use this website without any problem. The website also stores the browser details for a better user experience it helps to understand the website, how are you using this website, and what are you looking for. This is a piece of simple information that is being saved by its website there's nothing to worry about.

#3. Security:

Security is an important part of us and we do not take the slightest care in the matter of our security. So you can be satisfied in the matter that you have not come to any unsecured place. We assure you that your information and your personal details are absolutely safe here. We will always be aware of any type of illegal and malicious activity. Our security experts are always working on how to make our security patch stronger. So without any fear, you can go with us.

#4. Advertisements:

As of now, no advertisement is running on this website of ours. But we want to tell you that some kind of advertisement may appear on our website in the future. If any kind of advertisement is shown on our website, then we want to tell you that all those advertisements will be absolutely safe and no such content will be shown which is not viewable. The purpose of showing all these advertisements is that you can get more information with its help. Lastly, we would also like to tell you that before going to any third-party website, get complete information about that website there. Only then perform any kind of action there because if any accident happens then our company will not take any responsibility for it. There is no need to panic even in this matter because we will show all the advertisements of those websites here which will be safe, for you and for us too.

#5. Links To External Sites:

If you find a link to any other website on our website, then here you should understand that we have linked such a website to ourselves so that you can get more help and you can take advantage of the new features. This is the reason why we add external links to our website. Here you should keep in mind that before going to any new website, you must read the privacy policy and rules of that website. Only then perform some kind of action there.

#6. COVID-19 Updates:

This disease caused panic all over the world and still, it is not completely eradicated. Therefore, we still have to follow its protocol, and to avoid this, all measures will also have to be implemented. Crowd as little as possible and join at least new events or functions and must be vaccinated because this is the only way we can keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.

We are taking forward our service only by following all the protocols of COVID-19. All our staff and crew members are double vaccinated. We always prefer those customers who have got both vaccines. After every ride, we present our helicopter for the next ride only after getting it fully sanitized.

#7. Helicopter Booking Online:

You can do helicopter booking in two ways. You can either send your request through our online helicopter booking form or you can get your ticket confirmed by direct phone call to us. In both cases, you have to get confirmation. After your ticket is confirmed, you will be told the timing and location at which time and where you will have to come for your helicopter ride and you will get all these details through your registration number or mail or you can get all these details anytime by contacting us.

#8. Helicopter Booking Issue or Complaint:

Although there has not been an issue in our service so far, we cannot deny that it should not happen in the future. That's why we are ready for every situation and if you are facing any kind of problem then you can contact us without any delay and tell us about all your problems and we will solve them as soon as possible.

#9. Receiving mail by HBSO:

When you book or contact us then you will see the confirmation message on the screen as well as you will receive a mail by company mail id that are booking[AT]helicopsbso[DOT]com and support[AT]helicopsbso[DOT]com.

Note: The point to be noted here is that if you receive any mail from a different mail-id, then you should not give any response to that mail and inform the company so that Helicopter Booking Service Online can take action at such people and places as soon as possible.